On Aug 28th 1999 at 7:00am my wife April and two sisters from Florida Kala and Elissa Findley let loose the first arrows to start the 2nd Annual Amy Pray Benefit4Kids Shoot. This shoot proved to be as special as the 1st one in it's own way.  We found ourselves amongst many new friends along with those we had shared our lives with before. There were folks from Canada, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Ohio and Mississippi.  Then came Oregon, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Many of these wonderful people had traveled many hours with little sleep to join us and help us to help kids. Once again the weather was kind to us and a warm sun and a tender breeze kept us company throughout the weekend. As quickly as it came the weekend was over but not before many new friends were made and over $8500 was raised to help some kids with special needs. If you can, join us for our next shoot on Aug. 19th & 20th 2000 for if the past is any indication it most assuredly will be a special weekend.

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