WOW what a weekend. As we readied ourselves for what promised to be another big B4K weekend we had no idea what was in store for us. Through the generosity of many people this years shoot was looking like it would far exceed our wildest dreams. This year we felt we were ready for anything. Then Thursday the rains came. We wondered would it end in time for us to get everything set up for the weekend. Only time would tell. When Friday came it was cool and damp with a cold wind blowing but thankfully the rain had stopped in time for us to set the arena up and prepare for the next few days of enjoyment. Saturday dawned clear and bright and as April, Joel and Eddie shot the first arrows to start the shoot, things were looking good. But where were the shooters? The first 2 years Saturday had been our big day but this year the numbers were down. Then came our pig roast in the afternoon hmmmmm... it seems as if a few more folks are showing up. Would the auction go well in just a few short hours? Well thanks to some great items, some folks with big hearts and deep pockets and some pretty good auctioneering the auction was a huge success. Still our shooter numbers were way down, would Sunday be better? We could only pray it would. Well Sunday morning things looked bleak, still not many shooters. Then it happened. They started showing up in small groups of buddies, families coming together and even some folks showing up by themselves. At days end we ended up with almost as many shooters as last year and although the numbers were down slightly we were able to raise just over $16,000,  nearly double last years total. Our sincere thanks to all who worked so hard and gave so much this year to help us help kids. God bless each and every one of you. 

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