The very first thing I would like to do is thank everyone who worked to make our shoot another big success. No one deserves more thanks than B4K's own Rob Crampton. Rob not only worked hard at organizing the shoot to make it a success but he put in 3 grueling days out in the sun making sure everyone had a good time and that things ran smoothly. Rob is the perfect example of "when the going gets tough, the tough get going". Rob doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk too. Thank you my friend. I love ya man.

There's no way I can name everyone involved in making the shoot what it is, but there are some who deserve special thanks. Folks like Dave, Marnie and Joel Atherton, Mike and Joy Jeanette, Dan Worden, Dave and Terry Dalton, Randy and Cheryl Krick, Edsel Duty, John McIntosh, Bill and Rhonda Guoine, Mark Pray, Peggy and Lee Morrow and of course the Dago. These folks and more when above and beyond the call of duty to help our kids, our future. To all of you my heartfelt thanks.

Then of course there are all of those who helped by donating equipment for our auction and prizes and those who sponsored targets. Many of these folks give year after year. Without their generousity what we do would be so much harder. Please know that what all of you do from your hearts is appreciated.

As always there seemed to be some incredibly special moments with lots of tears and smiles. I think this years favorites were our visit on Saturday by Mark Austin and his family and then the presentation of the decked out bow to Mark from Convenient Sportsman and Mark's hunt from B4K. That was followed closely by Lee Morrow presenting Dago with the first "Benefit4Kids Commemorative Knife" and then closing with Noah Hufford receiving 3rd place in the Tykes class.

Even though our shoot was up against 2 other local shoots, the IBO Worlds and unfortunately scheduled the same weekend as MBH Rendezvous we were still able to raise a total of $9,640 for the kids. So once again I thank all of you who helped to make our shoot a success.

Steve Pray
President, Benefit4Kids


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